We love our kids!

CKIDS partners with parents, bringing their children into a closer relationship with the One True God.  From birth to age 12, CKIDS teaches connection through games, puppet shows, skits and age appropriate lessons.  While lesson plans may touch upon such subjects as appropriate behavior and good choices, the primary focus of all learning is based upon the Bible.  CKIDS meets every Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM and Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM.

Grounded in God's Word

Every lesson taught in CKIDS is based on the truth of God's Word. Your kids will get truth from Scripture in lessons that are designed to meet them where they're at. CKIDS is dedicated to helping kids discover just how much God loves them and how much He wants them to get closer to Him.

Energetic & Exciting

Your kids won't have a chance to get bored in CKIDS! Every service is filled with songs and games that encourage kids to get up and move, and energetic teaching that keeps kids engaged and learning.

Safe & Secure

We take your children's safety seriously. When you check your child in, they'll get a name tag with a unique number printed on it. You'll also get a tag with that same number. You're the only one who can pick up your kids after service, and all of our volunteers go through extensive background checks to ensure that CKIDS remains a fun, and most importantly, safe place.

Meeting Times

Check-in begins at 9:45 a.m.

Check-in begins at 6:30 p.m.

Need more info?

If you'd like more information about CKIDS, you can contact our children's directors, Jacob and Faith Barrow, through the form below

Still have questions?

If you'd like more information about CKIDS, you can contact our children's director, Spencer Davis, through the form below

Spencer Davis